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Please be informed that this download section provide for customers who already purchased Image Frame Work full CD set. This update not work alone with out original HASP Key come with software box.


*** Please backup folder name "Configurations" before uninstall previous version of software***
*** Please uninstall previous version of IFW on your computer to avoid any problem before install new version ***
*** Copy folder "Configurations" to software installed folder to restore all settings after new version installed ***


  Image Frame Work Professional Edition version 3.9 build 072
  Image Frame Work Standard Edition version 3.9 build 071
        Update History on version (update on 27 June 2020)
          ● Support Windows 10 DPI Aware (150%) Suitable for Hi-Resolution Monitor
          ● New Set of Toolbar Graphic, Support 16x16, 24x24 and 36x36 Icon Size
          ● Bug Fixed
        Update History on version (update on 17 May 2020)
          ●Change Mouse Drawing Engine
          ● Bug Fixed
        Update History on version 3.8 (update on 3 March 2019)
          ● Add core AI Engine to the software
          ● Bug Fixed
        Update History on version 3.7 (update on 1 August 2018)
          ● Bug Fixed
        Update History on version 3.6 (update on 11 February 2018)
          ● Adjust Some Parameter for better work with Stereo Microscope
          ● Bug Fixed
        Update History on version 3.5 (update on 18 June 2017)
          ● New Setup File covered all Windows versions (Now Single File)
from Windows XP to Windows 10, 32bit and 64bit, All Editions
          ● Bug Fixed
        Update History on version 3.4 (update on 10 May 2017)
          ● Bug Fixed
        Update History on version 3.4 (update on 9 March 2017)
          ● Ring Measurement Added to Professional Edition
        Update History on version 3.3 (update on 18 December 2016)
          ● Chage All GUI to support sharper graphics
          ● Measurement Label Move, Rotate, Background, Border Possible
          ● Extended Line for Line Measurement
          ● Bugs fixed
        Update History on version 3.1 (update on 7 November 2016)
          ● Supports more image formats:-


          ● Support larger size of image upto 15,000x10,000 px.
          ● Faster Image operations
          ● Selectable Raster Font for XP (now all change to TrueType Font)
          ● Support "Sentech" digital camera
          ● Bugs fixed
        Update History on version 3.0 (update on 16 March 2016)
          ● New Length on Line Measure Tool
          ● New Magnet Base Point on Line Tool
          ● New Objects Compare Tool
          ● Angle Control for Length Measure, Magnet Base Line
          ● Multi Monitors Supports
          ● Driver for Nikon DSLR Capture Control (See detail on main page)
          ● Bugs fixed
        Update History on version 2.3 (update on 15 Sep 2015)
          ● New Object Draw Machanism for Faster Image Operation
          ● Theme change-able, 4 themes for match with ambient light condition
          ● New GUI
          ● New Report Generator, more easier to manage template
          ● Faster DDE to Excel
          ● Undo-Redo for separate image window
        Update History on version 2.0 (update on 22 Mar 2015)
          ●Add Create Measurement Object
          ● Add Feature to Feature Object Create
          ● New Movie Engine (Selectable)
          ● Add Shadow on Measurement Label
          ● More Morphological Filters Added
          ● Bug fixed
        Update History on version 1.36
          ● Driver for Nikon DSLR Capture Control (See detail on main page)
          ● Decimal Digit Adjustable (1-5 digits)
        Update History on version 1.35
          ● More Morphological Filters Added
          ● Improved Automatic Object Count speed for very complex object
          ● Fill Object Hole filter for Segmentation
          ● Psuedo Color Visualization Added
          ● Improved many operation sync for simultaneous tools working.
        Update History on version 1.34
          ● Radius Measure Added
          ● Horizontal Length Measure Added
          ● Vertical Length Measure Added
          ● Bug fixed for some issue
  Sentech Camera Driver
        (Please visit their website, user log-in required befor download)
The Imaging Source Camera Driver
HASP Key Driver Please look for "Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer"
      * HASP Key driver already included in IFW Setup CD and Download version. This link just for the lastest update driver from maker.
  English User Manual
  Thai User Manual (คู่มือภาษาไทย)
    doPDF Printer (Click Link Below for Download)
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