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Tarosoft Image Frame Work

work with Stereo Microscope, Microscope

Image Analysis Software which provide you with dozen of measuring tools. Suitable for biological research and Industrial quality control and inspection job. Measuring tools provide you for Length measurement, Area measurement, Radius measure and much much more. IFW come with automatic object count which fast and accuracy result. The accept range can be specific to filter only interesting objects. Please see below for the specifications:-


Supports Most Popular Digital Camera

Sentech Nikon DSLR Digital Camera
  Model: STC-MCA5MUSB3   Dedicate Models: D4s, D4, Df, D800A, D800/D800E, D3, D300, D300S, D3X, D750, D700, D610, D600, D7200, D7100, D7000, D90, D5500, D5300, D5200, D5100, D5000, D40, D60, D200, D80, Nikon 1 V3
  Preview: Supported   Preview: Supported
      (base on Nikon "Live View" features)
  Interface: USB3.0   D5500 not supports "Live View" on IFW
  Microscope Adapter: C-Mount   Interface: USB
      Microscope Adapter: F-Mount to Trinocular, F-Mount to Eyepiece
The Imaging Source    
  Model: All Models    
  Preview: Supported    
  Interface: USB, Firewire, GigE
  Microscope Adapter: C-Mount to Trinocular, C-Mount to Eyepiece

* The cameras and all hardware are sold seperated. Please contact your local microscope distributor in your country for more detail.


Automatic Object Count With Accept Range  
You can config the Measurement Accept Range to un-count the unwanted object (Area, Density, Diameter, Perimeter, PerArea, Circularity). The measurement result will give you with the individual object properties. The Summary window also give you with the count statistic for all parameters


Image Acquisition
Acquire images from Wide range of
digital camera or video sources
(USB, FireWire cameras, GigE)
Acquire images from scanner or
digital camera which supported
TWAIN standard
Use images from variety of source
e.g. CD-ROM, Hard Disk
Live image preview


Image Enhancement & Processing
Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Gamma also invert the color of
Automatic Contrast adjustment by Equalize calculation
Rotate/Flip image by 90 degree clockwise or 90 degree
counter-clockwise or 180 degree upside down. Also image can flip
by horizontal or vertical direction
Image enhancement by following filter: Mean, Gaussian,
Unsharp Mask, Emboss, Edge Detection
Convert image from color to gray scale or binary image by  
using Threshold
Extract color channel for separated Red, Green, Blue channel
for analysis
Color Composite for merge images taken under fluorescence
microscope by individual filter block to become one image
of all channel
Image Mixer is an alternative choice for merge images taken
from difference observation technique such as DIC image with
fluorescence image
AVI Maker can manage a collection of series of images taken as
    time lapse imaging to become a movie format


Measurement & Tools
Automatic Object Count with Summary. Fast and accuracy tool for save your time. The result show as table with
Area, Density, Diameter, Perimeter, PerArea, Circularity information
Measure Distance (Length measurement), Rectangle measurement, Ellipse measurement, Poly-line or Polygon
measurement, Area measurement, Angle measurement, Diameter measurement, Radius measurement
ROI and ROI Mask, the Region of Interest define tool to specific the area for Segmentation and
    Automatic Object Count
Horizontal Vernier and Vertical Vernier, Easy and Useful tool for inspection routine
Calibration with reference such as micrometer, save-able for future use
One Click for Scale Bar and Objective Lens icon for Calibration value use
Manual Tag for count and classify objects up to 7 groups and 5 sub type for each group
Density measure with histogram and Statistic
Density Ratio, the perfect tool for ratio calculation between control and test
Measure Calculator, you can calculate the result for multiple images in a second without other software
Color or Density Classification for gain measuring
and much much more tools
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